Services & Case Studies

Haynes & Associates was founded in 2011 as a full service consulting firm which integrates government affairs, relationship liaison and strategic advising to clients in a broad array of industries by leveraging our vast experience in the public and private sector and network of deep rooted, influential contacts to achieve measurable results. At Haynes and Associates the metric by which we judge our success is simple: creating valuable results for our clients. We aim to create mutually beneficial partnerships in which our success and the success of our clients is intricately and inexorably linked.

Since our inception, Haynes & Associates has delivered on our commitment to achieve tangible results for our clients. To provide a sense of the growth and value that Haynes & Associates has helped our clients achieve, please find a brief sample of the following success stories.

Case Studies

Educating Public Procurement Officials

When an international Energy Service Company (ESCo) was pursuing major contracts to provide energy services work in New England municipalities’ buildings and infrastructure, the company hired our firm to provide political intelligence and to better position them for winning contracts. We worked with the client to both broaden and deepen their relationship network with decision makers at the municipal level and to educate elected officials on performance contracting to help them understand the client’s unique value-add. Our ongoing efforts have led to our client winning and executing several multi-year Performance Contracting RFQs with multiple cities in the region.

Pipeline & New Target Generation

An industry leading facilities and food service provider operating in 80 countries and employing over 400,000 people partnered with Haynes & Associates to handle the client’s municipal procurement and business development for the K-12 school market. The partnership consists of a close working relationship in which we create pipeline and new targets, as well as assist with potential municipalities the client has identified. Haynes & Associates is present throughout the lifetime of a sales cycle from the initial contact to the award of a contract. We also will remain involved, augmenting the client’s relationship management in municipalities where a contract has been awarded.

Optimum Client Positioning

A leading LED streetlight company has engaged Haynes & Associates to help identify opportunities to retro-fit New England municipalities’ streetlights to energy efficient LED fixtures. Haynes and Associates works with the client to educate municipalities on the operational cost savings that can be achieved by converting to modern LED bulbs. Haynes & Associates best positions its client to be chosen as the company to execute the upgrade to LED lights. To date Haynes & Associates has helped the clients to win projects in more than a two dozen communities totaling over 100,000 streetlights.

Market Expansion

When an innovative New Jersey based Information Technology company wanted to expand its geographic market to New England it called upon Haynes & Associates to open up the region. Haynes & Associates’ broad and deep relationship network allowed the client to expedite the introduction process, gaining exposure and credibility in a short period of time. Haynes & Associates provided valuable local market intelligence to the client and educated potential customers on the client’s benefits and differentiators. This led to a very smooth and accelerated market entry for the client.

Community Relations & Talent Recruitment

A global company with major government contracts engaged Haynes & Associates to assist with community relations. In this capacity Haynes & Associates assists the client to build broad coalitions of supporters within communities, ranging from elected officials, interested community groups, and more. Haynes & Associates also uses its local experience and knowledge to ensure the client hires the best local sub-contractors, supporting local jobs and contributing to the local economy, while further enhancing the support within the community.

Business to Business Partnership Development

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies contracted Haynes & Associates to improve its relations with major health care providers in the Northeast. The client utilizes Haynes & Associates to educate HMO’s on the benefits and uniqueness of their products and in some circumstances increase product placement on the Health Care provider’s coverage. Haynes & Associates has helped the client achieve better coverage for its products and has improved access to these beneficial drugs for patients.

Scaling up Business Development Efforts

A high end German window manufacturer set up operations in the United States and wanted to quickly transition from small niche market to compete in high volume commercial sales. Haynes and Associates was able to call upon its relationship network of developers, ESCos, and architects to have the high efficiency windows built in to the specs on new projects. Additionally, we were able to use our market intelligence to identify opportunities for large government projects. Because of H&A’s efforts the client quickly achieved its goal of competing for exponentially larger projects.

Lead Identification & Qualification

A nationwide energy procurement specialist partnered with Haynes & Associates for its business development efforts. Haynes & Associates helps the client identify and qualify leads, access decision makers, and articulate the client’s competitive advantages. Haynes & Associates has significantly added to the client’s pipeline, giving them access to far more potential customers for their services.

Establishing Coalitions

When the Economic Development Council of a 100,000+ municipality needed to create jobs in a new industry they engaged Haynes & Associate to coordinate the efforts. Haynes & Associates was relied upon to bring many different parties to the table to enhance and accelerate workforce development. Haynes & Associates convened meetings of local universities, community colleges, vocational tech schools, as well as representatives from organized labor, and private contractors all in a successful effort to provide local residents with the necessary job training to provide the skills they would need for the jobs of tomorrow.